Men Only

Sundays 8 am - 8 pm

Sunday Gay and Bi Men only Day 8am-8pm

Our Sunday Gay and Bi Men only Day has the added bonus of being strictly nude on our top floor, come and be nude with other likeminded Gay and Bi Men.

If you feel uncomfortable with nudity, then you can use our other two floors where nudity is not compulsory.

It is one of our busiest days at Aarows with a variety of Gay and Bi Men from all different ages and nationalities, lots of fun to be had in our wet area which includes a spa, steam room and sauna.

Various glory holes are scattered throughout and the VIP Room is also open for a more cosier, sexual experience. There are 3 sling rooms and a few dark rooms allowing for a more discreet experience. Condoms, lube and fresh towels are provided.


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